Message from the President of the Board


On behalf of the Board of Directors, and myself, I would like to thank CEO David Paul for all his tireless efforts for our communities and for Matawa First Nation Management (MFNM). I would also like to thank our Board of Director members for their commitment to making sure MFNM is an effective organization with a culture of transparency and sound policy direction.

As we continue to make progress in our communities, and also here at Matawa First Nation Management, I believe our organization will grow stronger and will provide even better and more sophisticated advisory services to our First Nations. Challenges and opportunities are around every corner in this modern world. Our lives are being impacted daily by change that is coming in the form of resource development and also through modern techniques for communications, and ways of doing business.

I want to thank the Management and Staff at MFNM for all their hard work to achieve ISO Certification this year. We are now operating with top-notch management systems which are known and recognized all over the world. We will continue to improve ourselves to ensure that Matawa Tribal Council is a non-profit corporation that our First Nation members will continue to look towards for advisory services, and can take pride in. We will continue to strive to do business with the highest standards in a spirit of respect for our government and industry partners, and with the same spirit of respect for all our co-workers and colleagues.

The family teaches us about the importance of knowledge, education, hard work and effort. It teaches us about enjoying ourselves, having fun, keeping fit and healthy.

Work hard, but also enjoy family time with friends and loved ones as each passing moment counts.

Thank you,

Darius Ferris,

President of the Board of Directors

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