**Note: The Matawa Chiefs Council pass additional Resolutions throughout the year. Only AGM Resolutions are included below.

30th AGM – 2018

01 – Acceptance of the 30th Annual Chiefs Assembly Agenda

02 – Acceptance of the 2017/2018 Chiefs Council Report

03 – Report on the Implementation of Inquest Recommendations

04 – Interim Education Funding Formula

05 – Matawa Student Assessment Analysis

06 – Approval of Matawa Learning Institute Strategic Plan

07 – Approval of Certificate, Diploma and Degree Programs in Matawa Indigenous Languages

08 – Funding for Language Initiatives

09 – Support for Housing Options for Students in Matawa First Nation Communities

10 – Climate Change Risk Assessment, Planning and Adaption

11 – Watershed Stewardship Capacity Building

12 – Establishing Indigenous Guardians Programs

13 – Mineral Development Information & Support Officer Continuation

14 – Environmental Policy Review & Communication Coordination

15 – Acceptance of 2017/2018 Auditor’s Report for KKETS

16 – Support for Development of First Nation Account Receivable Recovery Plans

17 – Direction for Renewed Regional Process for Development in Matawa First Nations Traditional Territories

18 – Support for Indigenous Certificate in Geological Studies

19 – Support for a 5-Year Renewal Agreement of the ASAP

20 – Support for the Delivery of a First Nation Adult Education Pilot Program

21 – Support for Student Residence for KKETS Programs

22 – Support for the ASAP Program to Service Matawa FN Members Ages 18 and Older

23 – Support for KKETS to Explore Urban/Non-Affiliated Indigenous Funding Streams

24 – Northern Ranger Program

25 – Approval of KKETS Indigenous Skills and Employment Strategy 10-Year Funding Agreement

26 – Call for the Reinstatement of the Ontario Basic Income Pilot

27 – Implementation of Mandate to Create Matawa Youth, Womens and Elders Councils

29th AGM – 2017

01 – Acceptance of 29th Annual Chiefs Council Agenda

02 – Acceptance of 2016/2017 Chiefs Council Report

03 – Support for Partnership between Matawa Learning Centre and St. Joseph’s Care Group

04 – Report on Implementation of Inquest Recommendations

05 – Support for Creation of Matawa Student Education Centre

06 – Long-Term, Stable, Reliable and Predictable Funding for Matawa Secondary Students

07 – Reverse Tuition Agreements with Ontario

08 – Support for KKETS to Move Forward to Establish Community Based Programs for Members

09 – Support for Skills Advance Ontario (SAO) Kiikenomaga Kikenjigewen Employment and Training Services (KKETS) Pilot

10 – Reaffirmation of Support for Aboriginal Skills Advancement Program (ASAP) Renewal

11 – Support for KKETS to Obtain Training Delivery Agent to Increase Capacity for Apprenticeship Opportunities

12 – Support for Matawa Health Co-Operative in Planning with Charter of Relationship Principles

13 – Eagle’s Earth Addictions Treatment & Mental Wellness Centre – Healing Together in a Culturally-Enriched Built Environment

14 – Support for Matawa Urban Supportive Housing Initiatives

15 – Support for Health Human Resources

16 – Matawa Education Department Incorporation and Transition Plan

17 – Support for Matawa Health Co-Operative in Partnership Development

18 – Modular Housing Manufacturing Project

19 – Enhanced Broadband Services in Aroland, Ginoogaming and Long Lake #58 First Nations

20 – Matawa Strategy for Lodging in the Greenstone Area for Economic Initiatives

21 – RFA Working Group

22 – Matawa First Nations Prescription Drug Abuse & Misuse Programs Final Report – June 30, 2017 Recommendations

23 – Suicide Survivor Program

28th AGM – 2016

01 Acceptance of 28th Annual Chiefs Assembly Agenda

02 Acceptance of the 27th Matawa Chiefs AGA Minutes

03 Acceptance of the 2015-2016 Chiefs Council Report

04 Broadband Telecommunications Private Partnership

06 Support for KKETS Students to Receive Full Ontario Works Exemption While Participating in ASAP

07 Specialized Assignment of Chiefs Echum & Yellowhead to Participate in EDSC Discussions RE Renewal

08 Redistribution of FN Inuit Child Care Initiative to Matawa Communities

09 Renewal of ASETS Program

10 Reaffirmation of Support for Matawa Skilled Workers Association

11 KKETS Employment Integration Services Officer

12 Support for Guardians Program Research

13 Matawa Student Care and Education

14 Memorial Scholarship in Memory of Jordan Wabasse

15 Support for Recreation Programs for Students Attending the Matawa Learning Centre

16 Support for the Additional Programs and Supports for Students Attending the Matawa Learning Centre

17 Implementation of the Recommendations of the First Nations Youth Inquest

18 Expansion of the Matawa Learning Centre

19 Gathering of Rivers for Community Care

20 Health Director Travel, Support and Capacity Building

21 Approval of Matawa Regional Framework Agreement Transfer Payment Agreement Joint Workplan Team Terms of Reference

22 Construction of Matawa Business Development Centre

23 Funding Shortfall to Complete Tourism Strategic Plan

24 Chiefs Working Group Terms of Reference

25 Funding for an Independent Comprehensive Financial Assessment of Matawa Communities

26 Ministry of Transportation

27 Federal Government Negligence for Economic Development in the Matawa First Nations Region

28 Ontario Political Accord – TABLED

29 Energy Independence and Micro-Grid Planning Project

30 Matawa First Nations Potable Water Treatment and Distribution Systems

31 Matawa Health Teams and Cultural Programs

27th AGM – 2015

02 Acceptance of Agenda

03 Acceptance of Report

04 Matawa Early Years Policy Framework

05 Matawa Regional Education Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020

06 Options for Matawa Regional Education Organization and Authority

07 Acceptance of Long Lake #58 KKETS Member

08 Support for Continuation of ASETS

09 Support for Recipients to Maintain OW MCSS Financial Supports

10 Partnership Between KKETS and First Nation OW Programs

11 Language as a Nation Building Tool

13 Gathering of Rivers for Community Care

14 Matawa Regional Intranet Database

15 Matawa Aerial Imagery Collection

16 Supporting Grid Connected Power Generation

17 Community Readiness Planning for Electrification for Neskantaga and Nibinamik First Nations

18 Development of a Stronger Aboriginal Workforce for the Forest Industry

19 Support Position on the Ogoki Forest Management License & Business Development

20 Chiefs Directives for Government Funding for Economic Development

21 KKETS Support for Students Residence

22 Support for Matawa Nishnawbe Workers Association

23 Support for KKETS 2016 Strategic Business Plan

24 Support for Continuation of RoFATA Training

25 KKETS Support for the Application of Apprenticeship Training

26 Options to Enhance Supports for Boarding Home Programs

27 Review of First Nation Remote Airport Job Description and Salary

28 Mental Health Services

29 Strategy to Address Neo and Post-Natal Effects of Prescriptions on Pregnant Women

30 Funding for Nibinamik Emergency Response Coordinator

31 Research Protocol

32 Long Term Care Costs

33 Support for the Matawa Financial Advisory Services Department to Seek Funding

34 Support for KKETS Community Facilitation Model

35 Equitable Distribution of Benefits

36 Jurisdiction

37 KKETS Acceptance of Report

38 KKETS Acceptance of Auditor’s Report and Appointment of Auditor

26th AGM – 2014
01 Acceptance of Chairpersons
02 Acceptance of the Agenda
03 2013 – 2014 Chiefs Council Report
04 Review of the Matawa Learning Centre
05 Support for the Renewel of the Matawa Regional Education Strategic Plan
06 Funding for an Economic Development Strategic Plan for the Ogoki Forest
07 Funding for Forestry Technical Support for Matawa Member First Nations
08 Supoort for the Ring of Fire Aboriginal Training Alliance Training Phase 2
09 Support for Renewal Funding for the Aboriginal Skills Advancement Program
10 Support for Kiikenomaga Kikenjigewen Employment and Training Services 5-Year Business Plan
11 Resolving the Aboriginal Skills Advancement Program Funding Shortfall in Participant Financial Supports
12 Appointment of the Chiefs Spokesperson for Kiikenomaga Kikenjigewen Employment and Training Services
13 Support for KKETS Training Processes Committee
14 Violence and Crime Prevention in Thunder Bay
15 Neskantaga First Nation Land-Based Family Healing Project
16 Non-Insured Health Benefits Transportation Approval to Treatment Centres
17 Safe Drinking Water for Matawa First Nations
18 Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women
19 Medical Transition Housing Study in Thunder Bay
20 Health Advocacy Position in Thunder Bay
21 Coroners Inquest into Deaths of Aboriginal Youth in Thunder Bay
22 Medical Hostel in Geraldton
23 Renewed Call for NAPS Policing Offers
24 Long Lake #58 and Webequie First Nation Post Aftercare Program
25 Nibinamik and Webequire First Nation Sport and Recreation Application
26 Matawa Child Welfare System
27 Community Based Long Term Care Facilities
28 Consistent Environmental Assessments
29 Chiefs Sub-Committee

25th AGM – 2013
01 Acceptance of Chairpersons
02 Acceptance of the Agenda
03 2012 2013 Chiefs Council Report
04 Support for Regional Negotiations
05 Support for PDA and Evaluation of Suboxone Treatment and Community Based Aftercare Program Project
06 Support for Four First Nations Statement of Relationship
07 Support for New Eabametoong First Nation Police Station
08 Support For Increasing Staff Police Officers in First Nations
09 Support for an Economic Development Database for Matawa Member First Nations
10 Better Support for Matawa Member First Nations Economic and Business Development
11 Reiterate Matawa Mental Health and Addictions Body
12 Support for Kenogami Forest Business Analysis Project
13 Resolving the Aboriginal Skills Advancement Pilot Porgram Funding Shortfall
14 Renewal of Aboriginal Skills Advancement Pilot Program and Name Change
15 Support for Remote Training Centre Construction in Matawa Member First Nations
16 WITHDRAWN Reaffirmation for KKES as the Only HRSDC Service Provider for Matawa Member First Nations
17 Support for the Development of a Mining Essentials Pre Trades Program
18 Chiefs Spokesperson for Matawa Education
19 Establishment of a Matawa Regional Education Managment Organization and Authority
20 Opposition to Canada’s Unilateral Development and Imposition of a First Nation Education Act
21 Matawa Forum on Education
22 KKETS Seeking Appointments to the Board of Directors
23 Improving the Relationship Between Matawa ECCs and Ontario Works Administrators
24 Matawa Youth Forum
25 Support for the Renewal of the Matawa Regional Education Strategic Plan
26 Support for Community Delivered Academic Program
27 Development of a Long Term Tourism Plan to Support Member First Nations
29 Name Change for Ring of Fire
30 Support for Saboxone Funding From Health Canada
31 Bruce Moonias Coroner’s Inquest 29 Name Change for Ring of Fire
Matawa Chiefs 25th Resolutions August 1 2013

Corporate Resolutions
July 30 2013

24th AGM – 2012
Chiefs AGM 01 Acceptance of Chairpersons
Chiefs AGM 02 Acceptance of Agenda
Chiefs AGM 03 Acceptance of Chiefs Council Report
Chiefs AGM 04 Matawa Chiefs Council Liasion
Chiefs AGM 06 Band Managers at MFNs AGM
Chiefs AGM 07 Chiefs Support for Matawa Website Development Project
Chiefs AGM 08 Support for Implementation of KKETS Regional Training Plan
Chiefs AGM 09 Matawa First Nations Broadband Development
Chiefs AGM 10 Drug Affected Children
Chiefs AGM 11 Digital Language Learning Tools
Chiefs AGM 12 Approval of Matawa Learning Centre Strategic and Business Plans
Chiefs AGM 13 Support for Community Based Secondary School Programming
Chiefs AGM 14 Post Secondary Education Reform
Chiefs AGM 15 Aboriginal Skills Advancement Pilot Program ASAPP Funding Shortfall
Chiefs AGM 16 Review of the Matawa Regional Education Strategic Plan
Chiefs AGM 17 Support Serivces for Matawa Members in Thunder Bay
Chiefs AGM 18 Matawa Elders Gathering
Chiefs AGM 19 First Nation Status Cards Membership Support
Chiefs AGM 20 Ogoki Sustainable Forest Licence 2012
Chiefs AGM 21 Expansion of KKETS Board of Directors
Chiefs AGM 22 Renewed Support for KKETS as the only HRSDC Service Provider for MFN
Chiefs AGM 23 Request for AANDC to Supply Water to Marten Falls First Nation
Chiefs AGM 24 Request for Support that Health Canada Maintain Existing Medical Contract Conditions to Marten Falls First Nation
Chiefs AGM 25 Creation and Incorporation of Elders Council to Matawa First Nation Chiefs Assembly
Chiefs AGM 26 Creation and Incorporation of Womens Council to Matawa First Nation Cheifs Assembly
Chiefs AGM 27 Creation and Incorporation of Youth Council to Matawa First Nation Chiefs Assembly
Chiefs AGM 28 Zero Tolerance for Drug Offences
Chiefs AGM 29 Creation and Support for Community Youth Council in MFN Comnmunities
Chiefs AGM 30 Support for the Development of a Matawa Remote Regional Employment Training and Education Centre
Chiefs AGM 31 Matawa First Nations Dilico Protocol
Chiefs AGM 32 Implementation of the Regional Negotiations Framework
Chiefs AGM 33 Matawa First Nations Chiefs Common Vision and Mission Next Steps

23rd AGM – 2011

A MFNM AGM Annual Report July 2011
Chiefs Resolution 2011-01 Acceptance of Chairperson & Co-Chairperson
Chiefs Resolution 2011-02 Acceptance of Agenda
Chiefs Resolution 2011-03 Acceptance of 2010 2011
Chiefs Report
Chiefs Resolution 2011-04
Acceptance Draft Band Managers Committee TOR

Chiefs Resolution 2011-05 Nishnawbe Employment and Training Strategy NETS
Chiefs Resolution 2011-06 Four First Nations Statement of Relations
Chiefs Resolution 2011-07 Appointment of Chiefs Spokesperson Education
Chiefs Resolution 2011-08 Support for the Matawa Learning Centre
Chiefs Resolution 2011-09 Secondary Student Academic Support
Chiefs Resolution 2011-10 Approval of LP Agreement & Shareholders Agreement Minawshyn Dev Corp
Chiefs Resolution 2011-11 Drug Abuse Misuse Gathering
Chiefs Resolution 2011-12 Reserve Land Status for Aroland FN
Chiefs Resolution 2011-13 Reserve Land Creation Costs for Webequie FN
Chiefs Resolution 2011-14 Mamow Weecheekapawetahteewiin Process
Chiefs Resolution 2011-15 NAPS & Zero Tolerance on Prescription Drugs
Chiefs Resolution 2011-17 Child Welfare Chiefs Resolution 2011-16 Research Protocol
Chiefs Resolution 2011-18 Deferred Regional Land Use Planning Support
Chiefs Resolution 2011-19 Matawa Legal Defence Fund
Chiefs Resolution 2011-20 Fire Suppression Near First Nations
Chiefs Resolution 2011-21 Matawa Health and Social Service Task Group Membership