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The distinctive Matawa logo was designed by artist Deon Peters of Marten Falls First Nation. In the top right corner, the waving lines depict rivers flowing through each First nation community and coming together as one. 

The nine feathers refer to the original nine First Nations of Matawa First Nations. 

The Sacred Staff reflects the wisdom of our people that has, and continues to be, passed down through the centuries of our forefathers. 

The lone feather represents any other First Nation that may want to join Matawa First Nations in the future. The smaller circle refers to the Board of Directors of Matawa First Nations Management which is responsible for the actual implementation of policies, directives and decisions of the Chiefs. 

The larger circle refers to the Chiefs Council of Matawa First Nations. The Chiefs provide direction to the BOD, CEO and Matawa management and staff through a resolution process.

The Matawa logo was updated and modified in 2013 as part of the Matawa branding process.  It maintains all of the elements of the original logo but is more adaptable to all mediums for presentation.