Technical Services

Matawa Technical Services assist member communities in the development and maintenance of community infrastructure.  This includes assisting with communities with all aspects including the environmental component and Aboriginal Affairs capital approvals process.

Matawa First Nations respond to First Nation requests, services provided vary according to individual community needs, levels of individual capacity, technical proficiency, and management expertise. Consequently, the services we provide may vary and could include:


  • Project Planning, Development and Reporting
  • Operation and Maintenance of Water and Wastewater infrastructure
  • Coordination of Water and Wastewater Operator Training
  • Environmental Remediation Project support
  • Housing Inspection and Programming
  • Fire Safety and Protection
  • ACRS and CAIS reporting
  • Additional programs as available (i.e. Fuel Tank Registration, Go Green, LEAF, etc)

The department may be contacted by contacting Wesley Bova by phone at 807-346-3663 or via email at