Intranet Solution

What is the Matawa Intranet?

  • The Matawa Intranet is like the internet except only accessible by Matawa  Staff.
  • An intranet improves internal communication within an organization, increases productivity by allowing staff to better collaborate, share, and access information and resources from anywhere
  • An intranet is an internal database which everyone can access, with different permissions assigned for various staff (depending on role, department, etc.)
  • Example 1: senior finance staff have access to edit/view all financial reports, communications staff, for example, however, would not.
  • Example 2: all staff have access to HR policies and forms as they are used by everyone, only HR has access to edit/update these documents

Available Features:

  • Internal Communications –  Gain easy access to news, corporate calendars, events, new policies and procedures, opportunities
  • Workflows and Forms – Create processes to run vacation requests, expense claims through the intranet, workflow orders, procurement, etc.
  • Collaboration Tools – collaborate in real time, forum and knowledge spaces,
  • Working Groups – create internal/external spaces to share, collaborate and communicate with internal staff and external stakeholders
  • Document Management – access documents from anywhere with personal login, check documents out to maintain version control, review changes, etc.
  • E-Learning Management – create learning programs available for staff.


  • At its most basic function, a corporate intranet improves communication and collaboration amongst staff no matter where they are located.
  • An Intranet can also greatly improve productivity by automating workflows, improving document-sharing, sharing staff knowledge and skills and more.
  • Time management – A big benefit: how many times have you sent an internal email only to wait hours for a response? An intranet allows staff to access the information they need without going through a third party.
  • Productivity – Payroll, invoicing, HR, are just a few areas an intranet can automate, freeing up staff to be productive in other areas; reducing the need for multiple spreadsheets with potentially conflicting information
  • Growth – As you grow, your intranet can grow. Adding users and applying permissions is easy – so as staff are added or leave, the administration responsibilities on IT are not onerous.