Economic Development

Across the Matawa communities, our people are coming together to build our economies. Matawa Economic Development Advisory Services works with our member First Nations to promote and foster sustainable economic development through the delivery of quality information products, capacity-building initiatives, and collaborative working projects.

We believe in sustainable economic development and that what we do today will impact the next seven generations and we wish to leave them a testimony of our commitment to business excellent and a legacy for which our people will be renowned.

We also assist our member First Nations and aspiring entrepreneurs with business planning, financing, negotiating and strategic planning.

Many of our member First Nations also has their own Economic Development Officers and Corporations and we work in partnership with them to support their efforts.  We engage closely with our First Nation communities, and seek their input on development. We welcome approaches from businesses and individuals wishing to do business with the Matawa member First Nations.

The benefits of Matawa Economic Development Advisory Services are:

  • on-demand capacity building for our member First Nation communities and people
  • increased economic development initiatives
  • decreased consulting costs for our First Nations
  • enhanced communications and information sharing among communities
  • networking opportunities with First Nations, investors and businesses
  • professional development opportunities for community members

Economic Development Officers can contact our department for the following services:

  • Advice and support over the phone or in person
  • Web-based training and workshops for business development assistance and professional development
  • Practical tools and resources to help build your economic development opportunities
  • Information on programs, services and publications concerning First Nation economic development
  • Links to Grant programs, and economic development associations from across Canada
  • Funding and financing prospects
  • Facilitating community comprehensive or economic development planning sessions
  • Research support for leakage studies and other industry analysis for business plans
  • Community presentations and information on starting your own business for interested band members
  • Support for community members in writing their business plans, forecasting financial statements, marketing plans

Partner with us, Invest in us

We are engaging partners from all over the world and across cultures to develop economic strategies for developing and growing business within our traditional territories.  As stewards and protectors of the land, we analyze business opportunities with environmental, social and economic development objectives that respect our traditional values and knowledge, for sustainable economic development.

Building economic strength is a major strategic priority for the Matawa member First Nations. One of our goals is to increase economic prosperity and contribute to self-sustainability for our First Nation communities. We strive to ensure that our First Nations people enjoy the same opportunities for employment, income, wealth creation and well-being as other Canadians.