Financial Advisory

Matawa First Nations Management’s (MFNM) Financial Advisory Services Department (FAD) is available to help enhance member First Nations’ management, administration and quality of life by delivering governance, management and financial advisory services.

These services may include working with the Band, Finance and Program Managers along with various administrative staff members to address financial and personnel management issues and capacity development.  FAD is available to work with the community finance personnel in the areas of computerized accounting, bookkeeping, financial planning, policy development, reporting and audit preparation.  Member communities can also access support for preparation of funding proposals for a variety of community driven initiatives.  Staff members have built and will frequently update a collection of resources on governance and management documentation such as sample or template codes, policies, procedures, forms, work instructions and checklists along with information on best practices.

The department supports the Matawa First Nations (MFN) Band Managers Committee (BMC); the BMC was formally established in July 2011 at the MFN Annual General Meeting.  The BMC will communicate openly and work collectively to develop governance and management while sharing experiences and best practices.

Band, Finance and Program Managers are encouraged to contact the department to access services such as:

  • Community-level Governance development (i.e. Election Codes and Community Planning);
  • Administrative-Level Governance development (i.e. Personnel and Financial Policies and Procedures).
  • Management development (i.e. samples or templates for various documentation such as forms, job descriptions, work instructions and more).
  • Advocacy (meeting with AANDC on Funding, Reporting or Intervention Issues).


To build and maintain unified interaction between managers from the Matawa First Nations to build capacity and network; thereby, enhancing quality of life and community spirit.

For more information please contact Matawa First Nations Management