Quality Assurance

In the interest of quality assurance, Matawa First Nations Management (MFNM) has embraced a quality management system (QMS), which will be implemented, monitored and continually enhanced.  MFNM QMS promises quality, accountability and transparency through enhanced planning, policies, procedures and processes along with appropriate documentation and resources.


  • Matawa First Nations Management (MFNM) is committed to supporting member First Nations and focusing its efforts on core strategic priorities.  MFNM will provide quality services to the member First Nations.
  • MFNM will achieve its goals and objectives by implementing, maintaining and continually improving the quality management system.
  • MFNM is committed to comply with the requirements and continually improve the quality management system.
  • MFNM’s quality management system will be communicated and understood throughout the organization.

Staff and Community Members are encouraged to contact the department to access services such as:

  • Documentation Samples and Templates;
  • Review of Documentation;
  • Information on MFNM’s QMS;
  • Information on ISO 9001:2008;
  • Scheduled Dept., QA Reps or Other Meetings.

For more information please contact Matawa First Nations Management