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Careers at Matawa

Matawa First Nations Management is a leader when it comes to innovation in the workplace. The organization has accomplished many feats in the areas of business relations, health initiatives and education standards within the last 30 + years of operation.

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Matawa offers every full-time employee 3 weeks vacation and 15 sick days after completion of a 6-month probationary period. A multitude of benefits are also offered including medical, dental, and a great retirement package.

Depending on the department, Matawa offers contract work, part-time work, casual employees, and seasonal employment. This type of work has limited benefits while on the job.

When hired by Matawa you are part of the organization and given chances for advancement in other departments offering employment in-house.

Teaching Opportunities in Matawa First Nations

On an ongoing basis, we work with First Nations education leaders, principals, teachers, and many others to recruit and select teachers who have the motivation, aptitude, and fit to work and live in a northern First Nation. We provide them the support they need to be successful. If you are a teacher and would like to have reciprocal learning opportunity from teaching in the north—consider applying today.