Financial Reports
Matawa First Nations Management Consolidated Financial Statements 2015                                            Matawa First Nations Management Schedule of Honoraria and Travel 2015

Matawa First Nations Management Consolidated Financial Statements 2014
Matawa First Nations Management Schedule of Honoraria and Travel 2014

Annual Reports

Matawa Annual Report 2014-2015

Matawa Annual Report 2013-2014
Matawa Annual Report 2012-2013
Matawa Annual Report 2011-2012
Matawa Annual Report 2010- 2011

Chiefs Reports

Matawa Chiefs Council Report 2014-2015

Matawa Chiefs Council Report 2012-2013
Matawa Chiefs Council Report 2011-2012
Matawa Chiefs Report 2010- 2011

Gathering Report

Gathering of Communities Report – FINAL 2013
Matawa Gathering Report-DRAFT(10)-July8,2013